Voicing Experience - Autoethnography conference

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Voicing Experience:

The 4th British Conference of Autoethnography

15-16 June, 2017, University of Sussex, Brighton

This interdisciplinary conference aims to provide an open, creative space in which to explore the power of autoethnographic work as expressed through its heterogeneous practices, productions and performances. What happens when we begin to take our experiences of the worlds we inhabit seriously and to give reflexive and diffractive voice, through manifold creative means, to that experience? What resonances do we find with other narratives and voices articulating experiences from other spheres? How does voicing experience speak to and challenge the larger structures within which we live? And how do these different spheres shape, in turn, the quality and style of voices being expressed – their tone, mode of expression, fluency and persuasiveness?

The conference seeks to explore the power of autoethnographic work, as expressed, for instance, in dynamics of resistance, critique, healing or assistance.

We invite proposals for papers, presentations, performances and other creative works.

Please submit proposals with abstract (250 words) and, if relevant, session plan (max 250 words) to voicingexperience2017@sussex.ac.uk<mailto:voicingexperience2017@sussex.ac.uk> by 10th February 2017.

The presentations will be arranged in the following ways:

· 90-minute 3-person presentation sessions.

· 90-minute single presentation sessions.

Please indicate which presentation format you would prefer.

Conference fee for this 2-day event (excluding accommodation): £75

We have a limited number of reduced-rate tickets (£45) for students and unemployed.

For general enquiries, please write to: voicingexperience2017@sussex.ac.uk<mailto:voicingexperience2017@sussex.ac.uk>

Please see the website for full details and registration: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/sociology/outreach/sociology-conferences/voicingexperience

Organising Committee: Dr Jamie Barnes (Sociology, Sussex), Dr Michael Hayler (Education, Brighton), Dr Ross Wignall (Anthropology, Sussex).

This Conference is initiated by Brighton Autoethnography Group with sponsorship & support from the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Sussex.

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